Rundbrief August 2018


Anbei ein das Girls Gurukulam betreffender Auszug aus dem Rundbrief von Swami Tattvarupananda:


Om Namah Sivaya

Blessed Friends,                                                                                                                                             
Hope this letter will find you in good health and spirit. (...) At this golden milestone of our forward journey we fondly remember our generous donor Smt. Vasanti Jayaswal. Without her support nothing could have been achieved. We pray for her and her family for good health and peace.
The Girls’ Gurukulam in Thrissur has successfully completed its first academic year with 8 girls and this year we started with nine more girls. Now totally we have 17 girls and five on the staff. Our youngest ones are Sreevidya and Archana and they are doing well.
Nidhiya and Pavitra are coming from the same tribal area as the other children. Both of them are studying in the 2nd class. They just started learning the alphabet as nobody in their home could help them in their studies. Now they love going to school with the others and they are proud of being part of the Gurukulam.
Anisha and Ramya are coming from Attapadi, a remote village, where they have to walk more than 5 kilometres to go to school. Their house is located inside the forest. Therefore, it is difficult for them to attend the school. Sometimes while going to school they have to encounter wild elephants on the way. Anisha is now in the 8th class and Ramya in the 5th. Manju and Nitya are coming from the same Attapadi. Both are studying well. Manju is really a bright student.
We are happy to send this report to you as it is people like you who helped us to realise this dream. Without your support nothing could have been done.  Thank you for your continuous support to the Gurukulam. Please come and visit us when you have time. You are always welcome.

Pray for good health and peace.
With Love and Om Shanti

 Swami Tattvarupananda Saraswati